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Pulse Alumni
Alex Schmidt
Pitcher / Catcher Committed to University California Irvine
Justin Barnett
Infielder / Pitcher Committed to Morningside College
Keegan Franke
Pitcher committed to Whittier College
Carter Bennett
Shortstop Committed to Claremont Mckenna College
Gavin Taylor
Catcher at Bringham Young University (BYU)
Daniel Flores
Pitcher for Cal State University Monterey Bay
Alex Olvera
Catcher at Cal State University Monterey Bay
Parker Gelfuso
3rd Basemen for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) D3
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower athletes and their families by providing the tools and platform needed to be successfully recruited by college coaches and scouts.
At Pulse Athletix, we believe in the power of opportunity, the strength of determination, and the impact of showcasing talent.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology to showcase your existing skills to coaches and scouts, maximizing your opportunities for college level baseball or higher. Our professional videographers capture skills with precision, providing credible metrics and high-quality video footage. Whether you're a rising star in high school or a junior college standout, our events offer a platform for you to shine and make your mark in the world of sports.
We also give athletes a comprehensive player profile, providing a platform for your skills to be viewed by anyone visiting the Pulse Athletix website. Recruiters, Colleges and Scouts can access your GPA, metrics, and uploaded CSV file reports from Rapsodo, Trackman, and/or Blast Motion. Scouts also have the ability to contact you directly through your profile on our website.
The opportunities are endless when it comes to the age of technology, so take advantage of it today!
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